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Ozzie’s Toffee was started four years ago by Larry Osborne after he retired. With his career behind him, retirement was not an appealing option or lifestyle. This was the time to do something totally different, unrelated to his previous endeavors. His idea was to specialize in making English toffee and sell it at farmers markets on the Monterey Peninsula. Knowing nothing about toffee or farmers markets, his story began.

He soon realized making toffee was more than just a recipe and ingredients; it is science and art combined. Just as two artists painting the same scene can produce vastly different results, so it is with making toffee. He was now starting to have fun.

The first step was to purchase the best ingredients possible. Since there are only five ingredients, it could not be that complicated. The easy part started with sweet cream butter, organic walnuts, sugar, chocolate and vanilla. Now came the artistry; creating that perfect taste and texture.

Our only product is toffee and we think it’s the best and hope you will agree. It comes with 100% money back guarantee.

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